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Personal Injury.


Working with Hausmann-McNally lawyers allows you to focus on your healing and leave the legal details to the professionals. Our attorneys have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients in some of the most challenging and successful personal injury cases. We bring to your case many years of cumulative lawyer experience.

Our attorneys are highly respected members of the American Association of Justice. Their legal training includes top universities and law schools in addition to many professional development courses. As our attorneys have earned the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell®'s AV®-rating, our clients have come to expect to receive a high level of professional service and a thorough execution of their case.

In addition to our professional credentials, we are a firm that cares about our clients. Hausmann-McNally, S.C. is large enough to handle the most complex personal injury cases, but small enough to care about each and every client.

We specialize in personal injury and wrongful death.

Our firm provides our clients with the highest level of professional assistance. These are not just words, but the value that drives the attorneys, paralegals and other professionals in the organization. We are dedicated to obtaining financial justice from the parties responsible for your losses and protecting you and your emotional well-being during stressful times.

We recognize that each client is important and that the outcome of your case seriously affects your future. For that reason, we believe in being prepared, working hard and smart, staying focused and maintaining close relationships.

Much of our personal satisfaction comes from earning the trust and confidence of our clients; the value in treating every person with the dignity and respect they deserve; and, the good coming from the financial security we recover for our clients and their families.

This philosophy guides how we work with clients and, we believe, is the reason our firm has grown substantially in the past 35 years.

Unsafe Premise.

One of our attorneys recently told an audience at a community meeting something they probably did not realize: You have a RIGHT to be safe in places that advertise and invite you to spend your time and money. You have a right to be safe when you are in a bar, shop, eat out, withdraw cash from an ATM machine or fill your car with gas.

Business owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain their property, lighting, walkways, stairs and all physical property in a reasonably safe manner. They must also work to ensure customers are reasonably safe from the violent behavior of others if they know this is a possibility. Some property owners still neglect to take adequate care for the safety of their clients and customers even though they have had repeated warnings.

The resulting injuries can mean pain, suffering, disability, lost wages and jobs, even loss of life.

In the most serious cases, a victim can sue–be a plaintiff in a negligent security case. Lawyers pursuing a negligent security case have several major responsibilities in helping get the facts before a judge or jury.

  1. Gather Evidence. Lawyers and investigators gather witness statements, police reports, physical evidence, take photographs, anything available to help explain what happened.
  2. Review all “911” calls relating to the property. Checking back on these calls—going back as far as several years—can determine if the property has a troubled history.
  3. Perform a Grid Search. Performing a grid search provides a rough overview of the neighborhood problems and the nature of calls for help to the police over a given time period, generally the past 3 to 4 years. This establishes whether a location is a known “trouble spot.”
  4. Check for Prior Litigation. Investigators check whether the defendant or property has ever been the subject of a similar case or incident.
  5. Check Insurance Coverage. In order to determine if there is the potential to receive a financial settlement, attorneys need to check insurance policies and those of all potential defendants to determine whether coverage exists and whether coverage is subject to one of the many exclusions or restrictions that deal with intentional acts or assault and battery.
  6. Determine the Important Facts. Attorneys need to determine the relationship between parties because it is much more difficult to convince a jury of owner negligence if the assault was committed by an ex-lover, relative or associate.
  7. Obtain Aerial Photos of Site. These are helpful when explaining the facts to a judge and jury in specific situations. A picture is worth 1000 words.
  8. Obtain Tapes from Surveillance Cameras. Attorneys will immediately request any and all surveillance videos that may have existed at the subject property and nearby properties. Unfortunately, they may not still be there if you wait too long. These should be time- stamped and can provide helpful evidence.
  9. Obtain 911 Tapes. Attorneys will obtain copies of the police 911 tapes and have them transcribed.
  10. Enlist Qualified Experts. Your lawyer should be willing to call on the testimony of highly trained and qualified security expert witnesses and use them to fully develop and prosecute a serious inadequate security case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a situation where someone was negligent, neglectful or provided inadequate security, you should consult with one of our attorneys and determine if you should pursue a negligent security case.

If you think you are a victim of a Unsafe Premise Case call us Toll Free at 1-800-227-6699.


From the beginning, Hausmann-McNally, S.C. has focused on representing people who suffered personal injury in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents. The firm also represents clients who suffered a loss of a loved one through a wrongful death—a death caused by negligence, neglect or wrongful act of another. Our goal is to prepare and present the strongest case possible to obtain maximum recovery and compensation. Serving clients, helping them achieve a just settlement for their accident injuries and other losses is our only business.

"Our goal is to prepare and present the strongest case possible to obtain maximum recovery and compensation."



Our firm keeps in close contact until your case is settled, and, early on, offers legal advice on matters including how to
deal with insurance companies to protect your rights to just compensation for your losses and injuries.

We welcome your calls on any detail of your case at any time.

personal injury.

Our personal injury attorneys are aware of the profound effect and devastation that occurs when someone is injured in an accident. The consequences extend beyond physical pain and disability.


car accidents.

Auto accident victims suffer from agonizing worries, fears, physical pain and numerous inconveniences. The attorneys and staff at Hausmann-McNally, S.C. are dedicated to relieving you of the stress of trying to get justice and damages from the at-fault party or parties.


motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are a special breed. Your independence and love of the open road and your strong, free and independent spirit provide you with joy, excitement and the liberating feeling of the wind in your face. Riding enables you to experience the world up close as the landscape whizzes by.


truck accidents.

By definition, an accident involving a truck is a serious event. A multi-wheeled hulk of steel loaded with tons of freight constitutes a powerful weapon—one that can annihilate or seriously injury its own driver, passengers and anyone in its path.


wrongful death.

People who have lost a loved one through the negligence, neglect or wrongful act of another, are often paralyzed with anger and anguish. It is hard to imagine how this wrongful death will affect their lives. We understand their special needs at this most difficult time.


After you have suffered a serious injury, hiring a trusted personal injury attorney can make a huge difference in your life. Let us put the skill and experience of our attorneys and staff to work for you. You can visit one of our many office locations or, if you prefer, we can send a representative to your home, office, or hospital room to explain our services.

Contact us today so we can immediately get started on your case.



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Hausmann McNally, S.C. cares about the community.

Hausmann-McNally, S.C. is not only dedicated to you and your case, we are also very involved with the communities we live in. We are constantly working with community associations, church organizations and volunteer groups to find new ideas on how to improve the lives of those in our neighborhoods.



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